2022-05-19 05:30Pressmeddelande

LunaMicro receives an order from the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV)

LunaMicro AB, a deep tech start-up specializing in smart textiles, has received an order from the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration to explore the use of our technology in the area of crisis management and defense medicine.

LunaMicro's patented product is a soft flexible fabric that pumps liquid water from one side of the fabric to the other when connected to a small battery. The goal of the collaboration is to investigate the possibility of implementing LunaMicro's technology in three very different medical applications selected by the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration.

It is extremely gratifying and courageous of the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration to hire a startup to evaluate new technology at an early stage. We know that we have a revolutionary solution and this will be a sharp test of how it can be applied in a critically important area like crisis management and defense medicine, says Nate Robinson, CEO and founder of LunaMicro.

The project is part of FMV’s “Military innovation program”, which was focused on Defense medicine this year, and will be delivered in 2022 and early 2023.

For more information:
Nate Robinson, CEO & founder nate.robinson@lunamicro.se +46734353185

About LunaMicro
LunaMicro AB is developing active moisture management technology for the next generation of smart textiles in clothing for sports, work and protection (PPE). Our product is a textile that pumps water from the inside to the outside of the fabric with power from a small battery, allowing the user to stay warm, comfortable and safe. It also reduces the need for environmentally hazardous “forever plastics” like halogenated polymers or PFAS. Our technology is an innovation based on patented research from Linköping University.


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Catharina Sandberg
Catharina Sandberg